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When Saving for a Rainy Day Isn’t Enough

When it comes to building an emergency savings account, Canadians are better off than their southern counterparts.

Around two-thirds of Canadian adults have an emergency fund ready that could cover three months’ worth of household expenses. By comparison, less than half of all Americans have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency expense, let alone cover multiple months’ worth of expenses.

And while Winnipeg is one of Canada’s most affordable places to live and work, offering a great balance of suburban tranquility and cosmopolitan amenities, no matter how savings-savvy you are, the unexpected can throw a curveball in your finances. 

Luckily, when you find yourself short on cash before that check comes in, 514 Loans can help! If you’re tired of all the red tape that comes with borrowing,  514 Loans can offer Manitoba customers the best loan solutions and interest rates available, all with a flexibility that allows for a repayment that fits your lifestyle.

Note: Always do due diligence when shopping for online loans. Not all lending practices are compliant with government regulations and sometimes, the cost of borrowing is too much for Canadians, whether they’re in Winnipeg, British Columbia, or New Brunswick.

Beware the Wrong Kind of Payday Loan

Payday loans are small, short-term unsecured loans that are more accessible than other types of loans. Unlike a traditional loan, you won’t need a credit check. 

However, payday loans have an incredibly short term of 14 days. This means that the entire loan amount plus the fees must be reimbursed on your next paycheck, which can be problematic. Furthermore, some payday lenders will charge a rate of 15$ per 100$ borrowed, which totals to an annual borrowing rate of 390%.

If you are a Winnipeg resident and need financial assistance, getting a loan from 514 Loans is your best bet. Unlike the dangerous and expensive payday loans offered by other companies (which can get you in financial trouble), we have better alternatives available.

When Winnipeg residents choose us, they benefit from an annual borrowing rate (ABR) that’s 60% less than traditional payday loans. Additionally, our loan terms usually range from 90-120 days, so residents enjoy a hassle-free borrowing experience with minimal budgetary problems.


Fast Approval Even With Bad Credit


Apply for an Online Payday Loan in Winnipeg from 514 Loans

What is one of the biggest things that sets online payday loans in Winnipeg apart from traditional loans and other payday loan providers? It’s the ability to do business entirely online! That’s convenience you can count on. 

Applying for online payday loans in Winnipeg from us has many advantages. To start, it means not having to travel to your nearest payday loan provider. Whether you have kids, work long hours, or simply have a lot on your to-do list, this is a huge timesaver.

Besides saving time, you won’t have to deal with traffic or spend money on gas. If you don’t have a car, this also means not having to get a ride or pay for transportation.

Finally, applying online means you get the best interest rates from the right lender while in the comfort of your home. You can apply for your payday loan in Winnipeg from the couch, your kitchen table, or even from your bed!

The entire process consists of the following three easy steps:

  1. Fill out and submit an online loan application.
  2. *Get instant approval.
  3. See money in your bank account.

Note: While instant approval means access to your funds fast, it doesn’t mean automatic approval. Just like with any loan, the lender reserves the right to refuse an applicant. This will occur if an applicant is determined to be too high-risk.

Our Loan Process

Payday loans in Winnipeg from other lenders are due for repayment as soon as the borrower receives their next check. However, we can design a customized schedule for your convenience. 

Our application process is streamlined for better results. Use 514 Loans’ payday loans in Winnipeg to pay off short-term expenses, unexpected fees, or bills. With larger credit limits and smaller terms, it’s easier to pay off your existing payday loans. 

Our Winnipeg borrowers, individuals and companies, rave about our long-term payday loans because repayment is easier to manage. Our versatile loans can be used for just about anything, such as medical expenses. We offer some of the best loan solutions in the province of Manitoba.

Get a payday loan in Winnipeg now, and we’ll start designing a payment plan for you!

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Online Payday Loans Winnipeg: No Credit Check

Bad credit history can make it difficult to get any kind of loan. Nearly 3% of Canadians have a credit score under 520, meaning they fall into the “extreme” risk category in terms of borrowing. Another 15% have a score that falls between 520 and 680, which is also considered a “bad” credit rating.

If you have bad credit and you need a fast loan, then you came to the right place.

Our online payday loan process does not require a credit check. This makes them an excellent tool for anyone in Winnipeg or across Manitoba with poor credit. They benefit from a streamlined lending process.

We have a unique process for determining who can borrow and how much they will receive: We use an automated loan management system to expedite the payday loan application process. This management system puts our unique set of criteria to use to evaluate each individual borrower. A credit risk analysis is conducted using the information on your application, as well as the data on your IBV (Instant Banking Verification).

In order to apply and have your payday loan needs taken care of, you must

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a full-time job
  • Have an active bank account

Your credit score is no longer an obstacle when you need to get an online payday loan in Winnipeg. Feel free to get more information by speaking with our team.

How it works

Who we are

We are an online financial service provider. We work with licensed private lenders, to provide short term financial solutions, that are significantly less expensive and more flexible than a conventional payday loan. Good credit, bad credit, it doesn't matter. We will assist you in finding the financial product that suits your needs.

Fees and Interest

Depending on the risk associated with the application, Our lenders charge an APR ( Annual percentage rate) of 22% to 32%. Membership fees do apply. Please refer to our "Example Cost of Borrowing" section for more information.

Terms of Repayment

Our installment loans can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. The payment schedule depends on the customer's pay frequency. Unlike payday loan providers, our lenders offer loan terms of 90 and 120 days. Extended payment schedules are available for loans over $1000.

What Makes us better than Payday Lenders

Typically, Payday Loan providers require borrowers to finalize entirely on their next paycheck. The costs associated with payday loans vary from province to province.

The ABR (Annualized Borrowing Rate) for

  • payday loans ranges between 390% to as high as 560%.
  • installment loans range between 190% and 200%.

Our ABR includes all fees and interest associated with our installment loan product. Our cheaper ABR and more flexible terms make our product a better choice for Canadians in need of a short term financial solution.

Example Cost Borrowing

$300 borrowed over 3 months on a bi-weekly payment schedule, will cost the borrower 6 payments of approximately $75. The total amount reimbursed is roughly $450.00. This includes all membership fees as well as Interest and capital.

Missed Payments

Our lenders charge a $50 fee for any returned payment due to NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds). The missed payment, as well as the lenders' fee, are added to the end of your payment plan schedule. Two additional payments are extended to the payment plan.

Our Lenders charge a fee of $35.00 to reschedule a payment and extend the payment plan.
The rules for rescheduling payments are the following:

  1. A client can not reschedule the first payment.
  2. A client can not reschedule two payments in a row
  3. A client can not reschedule more than two payments per loan term.

Borrow Money Responsibly

This type of financing is meant to be used as a bridge to solve an immediate financial crisis. Interest rates are relative to risk and may be higher than conventional banking institutions.

Please note that having Multiple Installment Loans or Payday Loans can result in long term financial burdens. Please give us a call if you are caught in a loan cycle due to predatory loan practices. Our agents will assist you in finding a consolidation product that will prevent costly collections procedures as well as a negative impact on your credit file.


Please borrow responsibly.

Applying Online is Safe with us

Your important personal information is encrypted and protected using Bank Level Encryption Security. We are HTTPS secure, and our users can expect a safe and private online experience when using our website.

How to Qualify for a Personal Loan

Our application process is simple and easy on PC, tablet, or mobile phone. The following is criteria is necessary to qualify for a loan:

  1. You must be a Canadian citizen
  2. You must be over 18 years of age
  3. You must be employed full time.
  4. You must have an active bank account.
  5. Must not be engaged in a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy process.


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Quick Loans: Your Trusted Winnipeg Lenders

Rent, utilities, and emergency expenses won’t wait around until payday.

When your paychecks are delayed and you need a cash advance fast, 514 Loans has a better short-term loan solution with superior rates.

Our loan terms can range from 90 to 120 days and have an ABR that is about 60% less than your conventional payday loan. This significantly reduces the risk of causing any serious budgetary problems or future financial difficulties

A payday loan is most often due on the borrower’s next paycheck, while our advanced loan solution can be reimbursed in a series of payments. All payments include capital, interest and fees, reducing the total amount owed with every payment.

The ABR of a payday loan is about 390%. Our lender charges an interest rate of up to 32% and this does not include our membership fees. When both the membership fees and the interest is combined, our ABR sits at approximately 145%.

Example Cost of Borrowing with a Payday Loan in Winnipeg

Loan amount: $500

Loan term: 3 months

Number of payments: 6

Payment amount: $123

Total cost: $738.00

Please note that the example above is an approximate figure and may be slightly different upon origination.

People across Canada look to us for fast financial relief. If you’re in the province of Manitoba, consider 514 Loans and gain peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are payday loans still available?

Absolutely. Payday loans are available to borrowers in need of fast cash across Canada. Over 2 million Canadians have reported that they used payday loans to get out of an unforeseen expense.

Are Payday Loans Bad?

Not if they are used responsibly. In order to benefit from a payday loan the borrower must:

  • Never rely on these loans to cover fixed and ongoing expenses.
  • Always borrow only a quarter of their net monthly salary
  • Always consult with their budget prior to taking out a loan
  • Always reimburse th loan on time to avoid additional penalties

    How can I get an instant loan?

    Companies like 514loans offer instant loans across Canada. Our automated Loan Management System allows us to process your request instantly and deposit the funds directly into  your bank account.

      What is an IBV?

      An IBV (instant bank verification) provides us with view only permissions to the data of your banking transactions. The process uses Bank level security and protects both the lender and the borrower from fraud and identity theft. It also allows us to expedite the underwriting process and provide a better user experience to all customers.

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